Who can attend the Conference?

The Conference is an event for everyone.  Families, self-advocates, organizations and individuals – everyone is welcome!


What is the primary reason for the Conference?

Innovations is a chance to bring people and organizations from around Western Canada together to learn from each other and inspire each other. By working together we can make individual wellness a reality for those with developmental disabilities.  Our conference this year is addressing both children and adults. 


Spread over two days, the Conference is a great opportunity to learn something new, be inspired and engage as a group of like-minded individuals to make a difference in our clients lives.


Where is the Conference being held?

Edmonton Inn and Conference Centre

11834 Kingsway NW,

Edmonton, AB T5G 3J5, Canada













How much does it cost?

There is an early bird fee and a regular fee.  More details are under the Registration tab of the website.

What's included in the price?

At the Conference, all presentations, keynote speakers, lunch and morning/afternoon refreshment breaks are included in your registration. 


What's NOT included in the price?

Breakfast and Evening meals, transportation to venue or hotel accommodation are not included in your registration fee.  Breakfast may be included with your hotel reservation if you are travelling from out of town (please ask the Edmonton Inn at the time of your reservation).  

Can I get a discount on registration?

We are unable to offer subsided or free places.  The Innovations in Practice Planning Committee with its partners have tried to keep to cost of attending as low as possible.  Delegates could fundraise or crowdfund to the cover costs of participation.  


Terminology throughout Conference?

Around the world we know that different terms are used to refer to intellectual disability. At the international level, they use “intellectual disability”. In some countries, people use “learning disability” or “developmental disability”. Some use “intellectual and developmental disabilities”. Throughout the program we will use “developmental disability”. As long as terms are respectful, we are comfortable with our differences and hope you are too.

I need to book a hotel - where can I stay?

A range of hotels are available to people attending the Conference.  We have negotiated a discounted rate at the Edmonton Inn & Convention Centre.  These rates will be valid until September 27th, 2019.  Please make a reservation yourself and accessible rooms are available – please ask at the time of booking.

Where should I go for dinner?

Recently named one of the best foodie cities in Canada,  Edmonton has well over 200 restaurants serving 27 different cuisines to ensure that there is something to suit every taste.  Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and there are many sites to see while you are visiting.  Please click on the link for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce to determine where you wish to dine while you are here.  


Edmonton Chamber of Commerce   

When eating in restaurants, there is usually a service charge included in the final bill.  If it is not listed it usual to leave tip of around 12% of the cost of the bill.

What's the dress code?

The dress code for the Conference is business casual and is appropriate for all events unless otherwise specified.


What about the weather?

Well, it’s Canada so there’s no guarantee.  However October in Edmonton can be lovely, but there is also a chance of rain. It’s probably best to wear layers and bring an umbrella.  Average temperatures range from 16 degrees celcius to 9 degrees celcius with the average being 11 degrees celcius.


Edmonton Average Temperatures Link 


I have a question?

If you need any information or have a question that isn't covered above, drop us a line and we will get back to you.  You can email us by clicking the Contact Us box below.